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"subtitle": "RisingStack is a thought leader and community favorite in the JavaScript industry. Our goal is to build a highly capable, battle-tested full-stack engineering team who can deliver anytime. Join us!"

Why work with RisingStack?

RisingStack provides help in the full lifecycle of JavaScript applications: design, development, code-reviews, deployment and maintenance.

We are looking for enthusiastic and skilled developers who can join our team of experts and work on various projects for our clients, which usually include Microservices, DevOps & Kubernetes beyond using JS.

Please send your CV to [email protected].


  • Web Development Experience
  • JavaScript Knowledge
  • Speak and Write English Well

What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Full-Time Position, Flexible Hours
  • Clear Career Path + Goals
  • Constant Learning
  • Team Events

As a Developer, you will

  • Work with and build RESTful APIs
  • Deal with complex problems
  • Use Node.js, React, Redis, NoSQL/SQL, Angular and everything that can solve the problems efficiently
  • Use cloud technologies
  • Ship your applications with Kubernetes
  • Have a chance to give back to the developer community (through blog posts, open source, speaking, organising conferences, etc..)

What we do

Our core values

  • respect for hard work
  • respect for work-life balance
  • focus on self-improvement


1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 1. (East-West Business Center), but you can work from home as much as you like.

How to Apply?

Please send your CV to [email protected].