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"subtitle": "By automating and monitoring the process of software development and delivery, DevOps teams can speed up the production process while ensuring high-quality products.",
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DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps is a term for a group of concepts that, when combined, can help an organization rapidly produce software in a reliable manner. By automating and monitoring the process of software development and delivery, DevOps teams can speed up the production process while ensuring high-quality products.

Some of the most popular DevOps tools include Jenkins, Puppet, and Chef. These tools can help automate various aspects of the software development process, from code creation to testing and deployment. By using these tools, organizations can improve their efficiency and reliability, while reducing costs.

Adopting DevOps practices for product development and maintenance is becoming an industry standard. Your organization has probably already started adopting the DevOps philosophy if you are here. Maybe you have just got started on the way of digital transformation, or perhaps you already have SRE or DevOps teams that need to be scaled up? Or are you looking for outsourced DevOps engineers, or does your team need more training in current best practices.

Adopting the DevOps mentality is not an easy path, considering how often it means different things to different people even within the same organization.

We at RisingStack have been following DevOps methodologies since 2015 and have helped our clients implement them. According to our experience, adopting the necessary technologies can be quite challenging on its own.

For example, setting up a CI/CD pipeline for the first time and finding the right amount of automation for your organization is quite a challenge. Not enough automation can hinder progress, too much at the wrong place might get difficult to maintain.

  • Moving to the cloud has its own challenges:
  • Should you choose Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure or something else?
  • What are the long-term ramifications of the choice?
  • Should you choose to set up a Kubernetes cluster or use a PaaS solution instead?
  • Can you migrate from one to the other if need be?
  • How to handle secrets?
  • Should you use products provided by your cloud platform or host open-source solutions yourself?
  • Do machine learning-based models need to be served using a different infrastructure than a more conventional application?
  • Where should you train your AI?
  • How should data analytics be incorporated into your general software development processes?

After you’ve managed to find the answer to these questions, you’ll face the challenges of implementing the proper processes and best practices:

  • How to properly handle code reviews?
  • Should the infrastructure be checked into version control?
  • Can you do DevOps and Agile together?
  • Who should take part in sprint plannings and retros?

You might have already gotten lost in reading endless case studies yourself, but have not found the solutions that feels right. This usually happens because there are generic guidelines, but the devil is in the details and there is no one-size-fits all in implementing these solutions.

Our DevOps consultants can help you by assessing the current tooling, automations, infrastructure and observability of your system. Beyond that, we can aid your software development processes and provide you with strategies to ease the communication between developers and operations engineers.

To make sure you stay on the right track as you keep evolving your software, you can reach out to our DevOps consultants anytime - we are happy to help.

How We Can Help

Our SRE consultants can help you by assessing the current tooling, automation, infrastructure, and observability of your system to make sure they are in line with current best practices. A full audit usually takes one to two weeks.

With our SRE consulting services, we can assess your technological portfolio in terms of SRE, as well as your current processes and practices. We can also guide you in building out a completely new SRE team.

To make sure you stay on the right track as you keep evolving your software, you can book RisingStack’s consultants for a certain amount of hours/month as well, and reach out to them when their expertise is needed.

Cloud Technologies at RisingStack

Our team has several years of production experience with the following technologies:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • ECS
  • Docker Swarm
  • Zipkin
  • Jaeger
  • Prometheus
  • Kafka
  • RabbitMQ

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"image": "patrick-administrate.jpg",
"name": "Patrick Flanagan",
"role": "COO at Administrate",
"testimonial": "RisingStack has been a great partner for us in carrying out various software development and integrations projects. They are deeply knowledgeable, flexible and reliable. They work hard to make sure that the relationship stays strong by soliciting feedback and communicating regularly."
"image": "reinis-TIKI.png",
"name": "Reinis Vicups",
"role": "CTO of Technologisches Institut für angewandte künstliche Intelligenz",
"testimonial": "RisingStack helped us to carry out an internal Kubernetes cluster audit for TIKI's Data Science Platform. Together, the mixed team was able to identify over 10 relevant topics and was able to solve most of them during the five day on-site engagement. After the intense work and exchange, the team was able to solve the remaining topics within next 8 weeks. At the present time DSP runs smoothly and there are no design or performance bottlenecks."
"image": "cjus-flywheel.jpg",
"name": "Carlos Justiniano",
"role": "Chief Architect at Flywheel Sports",
"testimonial": "It’s easy to believe you know enough about microservices to get started. However, the subject is both complex and broad. To better navigate the challenges I attended RisingStack’s comprehensive course on microservices in LA. I highly recommend it!"
"image": "mefi-ingatlan.jpg",
"name": "Gábor Nádai",
"role": "Head of Engineering at Ingatlan.com",
"testimonial": "We've worked many times with Risingstack and we've achieved success every time. Their professional team has a very deep knowledge of Node.js and Kubernetes among many other technologies. Both consulting, developing and training sessions covered exactly what we needed, delivered on time. Experienced exceptional communication skills, flexibility and a customer-first mindset make them an awesome partner to work with."
"image": "endava-team.jpg",
"name": "Adrian Pironescu",
"role": "Development Lead at Endava",
"testimonial": "RisingStack has provided a series of trainings targeted at enhancing our developers' skills and confidence regarding Node.js and Microservices. The training programme had a well-thought-out syllabus and was very well organized. The instructors were very experienced and knowledgeable regarding full-stack development. The workshops had a lot of real-world examples and advice which made our developers feel the usefulness of the training. Overall a high quality training that fulfilled all our objectives."
"image": "melina-trivago.png",
"name": "Melina Parisi",
"role": "Head of Talents & Culture at trivago Palma office",
"testimonial": "Working with RisingStack has been a great experience so far, they are group of professionals and experts in the field. The thing we liked the most is that they adapt the training to all the different levels in the room and this makes it very easy to follow the new concepts they are presenting. Advanced React training was pretty good and one thing we will highlight, is that they published the repository in case somebody would need it in the future."
"image": "gabor-koncz-automizy.jpg",
"name": "Gábor Koncz",
"role": "CEO and Founder at Automizy",
"testimonial": "When it comes to microservices and scaling a distributed system, the company we reach out to is RisingStack. Their DevOps experts could validate existing plans and make technology decisions that our team can confidently depend on. I highly recommend attending their Kubernetes and microservices trainings as well."
"image": "lectra-team.jpg",
"name": "Software Architecture Team",
"role": "Lectra",
"testimonial": "During RisingStack's microservices training and subsequent Node.js audit mission, we felt well listened to, and we got the opportunity to present all of our questions and ideas. The presenters were knowledgeable of the subject and supported us in the creation of relevant technical tasks that we could easily integrate into our backlogs."
"image": "santi-edpuzzle.png",
"name": "Santi Herrero",
"role": "Co-founder & CTO of EdPuzzle",
"testimonial": "I have gained more appreciation for the Microservices course after reviewing the slides a few days after. To me, this means that I wasn't able to keep up with all the useful information that was provided due to the speed of the training (might be my fault). Thanks for putting together such a course and bringing it to Barcelona, it is obvious that this could only come from a group of people who have faced these challenges many times before."
"image": "marton-csikos-instructure.png",
"name": "Marton Csikos",
"role": "Director of Engineering, Canvas / Instructure",
"testimonial": "At Instructure we're building Canvas, the world's leading LMS system which is used by half of the world's top 50 Universities. We engaged 4 developers from RisingStack to build a critical core functionality in our distributed system. Besides delivering high-quality code, RisingStack helped us train new staff, carried out code-reviews and made suggestions on improving our infrastructure."
"image": "tracy-dalzell.png",
"name": "Tracy Dalzell",
"role": "IT Director",
"testimonial": "RisingStack helped our team jumpstart an internal project using Node.js. Our team consists mostly of Java programmers who only had experience with more traditional web development environments. They helped us get started with a solid project structure and pointed us in the right direction regarding all the best practices. It's hard to imagine how many hours of trial and error that we saved by getting their expert advice!"
"image": "deepal-ionos.jpeg",
"name": "Deepal Jayasekara",
"role": "Node.js Developer at 1&1 IONOS Cloud GmbH",
"testimonial": "I work with a bunch of Node.js microservices that run on Docker, and the knowledge gained from the workshop helped me a lot to understand what I can improve in our infrastructure in many ways."

DevOps Reliability Engineering at RisingStack

Starting out as a full-stack JavaScript shop, our engineers got used to build everything themselves, including tooling, and setting up CI/CD pipelines. We can handle infrastructures just as well as applications - observability included.

Deploying a service is only one end of the life cycle: you need to make sure that the communication between software developers and operations engineers are efficient, and the processes aid both progress and stability. Our engineers can consult you on these questions to help you iron out information disparities between teams and make sure the right technologies and the proper practices are in use.

But why stop there? The true beauty of software engineering is that it's an arrest-and-retrieval process. You can't just deploy a service and call it good; you have to make sure all communication between teams are efficient, processes right for both progress or stability (depending on what your goal). Our team consults with clients like yours so they don’t get lost in this confusing world - we show them where their strengths lie when figuring out which technologies will work best based off information disparities between groups.

Some of our DevOps Projects


Rollbar is a cloud-based bug tracking and monitoring solution that caters to organizations of all sizes. Rollbar provides automatic error grouping based on an error's root cause and also gives users an option to customize these grouping rules. Rollbar enables users to track their deployments, provide information in the form of graphs, manage timeline and maintain deployment history. RisingStack provides DevOps engineers for Rollbar to build and scale the infrastructure that serves their ever growing userbase.


RisingStack built an online learning and streaming product for companies and schools who needed a platform to simulate the classroom experience during the height of the COVID crisis. The application and its underlying infrastructure were designed to meet the needs of the regulations of several countries: The app is able to run on-premises, so students’ data could never leave a given country. Also, the app is available as a SaaS product as well. It can be deployed as a single-tenant system where a business customer only hosts one instance serving a handful of users, but some schools can have hundreds of users. It can also be deployed as a multi-tenant system where the client is e.g. a government and needs to serve thousands of schools and millions of users. The application itself was developed by multiple, geographically scattered teams, thus a Microservices architecture was justified.


DHL has been RisingStack’s client in the past 2 years and we have worked together on the delivery of several projects. We laid down the basics of DHL’s Node.js and Kubernetes-based microservices architecture and delivered training sessions on both the basics of these technologies and an advanced level course too, so they can be prepared for the challenges ahead of them. We also created the Node.js backend and React-based frontend of one of their internal chatbot apps. The app needed to be responsive and has to work on most of the available Android and iOS phones. Another project was dedicated to supervising DHL’s engineers who needed to create a Kubernetes-based PaaS for their Machine Learning teams to easily create, deploy and expose services that served their machine learning models. It also enables their Ops team to easily distribute resource quotas among Machine Learning teams.

Message Broadcast

Message Broadcast provides cross-channel interactions with your customers by allowing your business to send high-volume messages. The engagement started with discovering the company’s needs for a modernized product, replacing the old monolithic backend to a new Node.js based microservices architecture, plan the migration from pm2 to a self-hosted Docker Swarm cluster, provide monitoring and tracing solutions with Prometheus and Jaeger, and prepare the project’s roadmap and design a new React+Redux frontend. After the consultancy and planning phase, our team of 4 carried out the development and migration, while cooperating and training Message Broadcast’s engineering team on the current best practices.


TeloYears is a telomere health tracking program that uses the patient’s DNA to help them measure and improve their vitality. Our team of 4 designed the HIPAA compliant architecture on AWS and helped to migrate the customer to the new microservices platform built from scratch while creating the delivery pipeline using CircleCI, AWS ECS with CloudFormation and the UI based on React+MobX that handled data visualization, including Chromosome mapping, Ancestry migration maps, Pie charts on the breakdown of the patient's ancestry, just to name a few.


Ingatlan.com is the leading real estate platform in Hungary. Our team was responsible for teaching the fundamentals needed to understand the open-source Kubernetes ecosystem to Ingatlan’s developers. They learned the necessary methods to operate scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed applications while keeping infrastructure management easy.
We also provided consulting about Kubernetes on Google Kubernetes Engine and supervised the migration of one of their PHP applications from managed VPS to Kubernetes. After the successful change to Kubernetes, Ingatlan asked us to implement a CI/CD solution using GitLab’s Auto DevOps tool to have auto-review apps, continuous build and deployment.


Cherrisk is Uniqa’s, is one of the biggest Austrian insurance group's subsidiaries. Cherrisk simplifies insurance by leveraging the possibilities provided by the Ubiquity of smartphones. Cherrisk’s infrastructure runs on Docker Swarm, hosted on Linux VM’s, but Uniqa’s engineering team has expertise with Windows servers. Thus they needed us to support their Docker based architecture and develop a server management system that resembles the one they got used to when using Windows Server. We estimated the project, based on the requested features, delivered a solution on time using Ansible AWX, and provided documentation for using and maintaining it.


The company’s goal is the promotion of the use of "artificial intelligence" in practical applications on the basis of worldwide "state-of-the-art technology". Our expert’s task was to ensure that the Kubernetes based on-premises infrastructure created by the Client is secure, safe, able to serve the necessary load, and is up to date with current best practices. Our expert also introduced crucial DevOps principles and strategies for maintaining and further developing the Client’s infrastructure.

Global Gaming

Global Gaming is an online entertainment company delivering innovative and secure gaming experiences. One of our senior engineers was responsible for teaching the operations team the advanced adaptation of the Kubernetes ecosystem and provided consultancy on improvements for their on-premises cluster.

"name": "BlogHighlight",
"props": [
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"description": "Learn how we fixed a nasty bottleneck in a large Node.js Microservices infrastructure, and how we scaled it so it could serve 1000s of requests per second.",
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"title": "Stripe Payments Integration 101 for JavaScript Developers",
"description": "We’ve been working with a US healthcare company who hired us to create a large-scale webshop they can use to sell their products. This post summarizes what we learned.",
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"title": "D3.js Case Study: Building Interactive Bar Charts with JavaScript",
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"description": "2018 has been a challenging, and an incredibly fast-paced year at RisingStack, but luckily it was fulfilling & surprisingly fun as well.",
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